Spa Break in Laguardia


Included in this experience:

A luxury stay in a grande historic stone building, similar to a castle, which has been modernised to include a high end spa and restaurant. This inclusive weekend experience provides the ultimate break for those who want a defining romantic or pampering weekend away.

– 3-night stay in a hotel converted from a 16th-century building
– Personalised breakfast
– 7-course welcome dinner
– Spa programme
– Liquid gold treatment

Price: from €508 per person. 

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    Full Description

    About Laguardia

    La Rioja and the Basque Country are two autonomous communities located next to each other in the north of Spain. La Rioja Alavesa is the Southest region of the Basque Country, separated from La Rioja by the river Ebro. La Rioja is best known for its unique red wine and la Rioja Alavesa is one of the three subregions in which the Denomination of Origin Rioja is divided.

    Laguardia, knowns as ‘the wine capital’, is a medieval town located in La Rioja Alavesa, 64 km from Alava’s capital Vitoria. This beautiful town is on a small hill and is surrounded by a wall built in the 16th-century to protect the kingdom of Navarra. The views to the extend wineries and the Cantabrian Mountains are absolutely stunning. With a strong wine production tradition, there is a wine cellar under every house and street so if we could see the town from a crosscut point of view, it would look like a Swiss cheese full of wine.

    During your stay in Laguardia you will relax in the heart of the wine region and sample a range of relaxing spa sessions, including the ultra decadent liquid gold treatment. You will stay in the charming ‘Hospederia De Los Parajes’ which still boasts its original 16th-century walls, now combined with modern architecture.

    Your itinerary

    Arrive in Laguardia. We recommend to drive a car as it is the most convenient way to explore the area but it is also connected by bus with the cities of Bilbao, Vitoria and Logroño. After booking, you will received detailed information about how to get to your hotel.

    Get comfortable in your hotel to start your holiday with a welcoming tasting menu in its restaurant. The degustation menu can vary depending on seasonality, but an example selection might include:


    Grandma croquettes
    Artichoke crisps with shrimp and jamon
    Roasted pear salad with gorgonzola, and dried fruit with balsamic vinegar
    Fish of the day
    Suckling pig with apple and potatoes

    Tangerine sorbet
    Chocolate coulant with Baileys ice cream

    House wine
    Mineral water


    Day 1

    Wake up in your unique hotel room, one out of only 18 rooms differently decorated with a medieval character.

    Start your first day of relaxation with a personalised breakfast at the hotel, before indulging in complete spa treatments in the basement of the ‘Hospederia De Los Parajes’. This hour-long spa experience will awake your senses, and leave you completely relaxed.

    Start your spa session with a warm welcome from the staff, and soak up the relaxing atmosphere inside the medieval walls. Enjoy the freedom to use the wellness facilities on offer, including a sensation shower, aromatherapy shower, Turkish bath, ice fountain and Jacuzzi.

    After one hour of spa, head out to discover the town of  Laguardia. Recommendations will be made on where to eat and what to visit based on your personal interests.

    Day 2

    Enjoy a personalised breakfast at the hotel.

    Head to the spa where you’ll experience the “liquid gold” treatment, this is a very unique spa treatment that uses the properties of wine and its therapeutic power. During this session, it is not what we know as wine what is used but wine extracts which have the right properties for this use.

    The treatments lasts 80 minutes and includes:

    – Exfoliation and olive mud wrap. Olive mud has a high concentration of antioxidants, which help fight the formation of free radicals responsible maximum for ageing. Thanks to its Vitamin A it is beneficial for your skin elasticity, strong nails and hair. It also avoids peeling and dry skin. It also contains Vitamin D which is essential for ossification so a lack of it can cause bone issues and Vitamin E in the form of Tocopherol in the olive tree which is a powerful antioxidant. Another property credited to the olive tree is its hypotensive activity (decreasing heart tension), so it is beneficial for moderate hypertension, favouring the prevention of strokes caused by atherosclerosis. It also reduces headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears, among other benefits. Suitable for dyskinesias, hepatobiliary and cholecystitis.

    – Body hydration. Factors such as changes in climate, the sun, pollution, makeup, certain medications and diet can influence the skin situation. Moisturise the skin is one of the main factors that help protect the skin from premature ageing. This treatment will hydrate very well your skin and followed by appropriate skin care, it will give the skin elasticity, softness and firmness.

    – Facial oil-sensation. Oil is the king of this treatment and it is known as the “liquid gold” because it has an unlimited number of benefits: soft and moist skin but not greasy, sun burns, rash, wound,  insect bites, make up remover, shaving facial hair, dry air, dandruff and prevention of many illnesses and cancers.

    After your ‘loquid gold’ treatment, enjoy your afternoon in Laguardia where recommendations on what to do and where to eat can be made, depending on your preferences.

    Day 3

    Your final day will conclude with a personalised breakfast at the hotel.

    Recommendations will be made if you would rather to explore the Rioja Alavesa area before leaving.

    Note that transport is not included in this offer, and a vehicle will be needed to access the hotel. To access the experience, we recommend that you hire a car at the airport.





    1-3 Nights


    Gourmet breaks, SPA

    Ideal For


    Group Size

    Couples, 10 People Or More, 3-9 People

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